We make (or MAiK) beautifully designed products in good ways. But this wasn’t always our story. A previous brand that produced street wear was the driving force behind starting MAiK. Factories in China, big runs and no control over sourcing pushed us to give it all up and use what we had learnt for good.

MAiK's first home was Brixton, South West London and at the end of 2016 we moved to Edinburgh. We have a light and airy studio in Margaret's House on London Road where we design and create our original products.

MAiK dictionary definition.

MAiK; An old Scottish term meaning equal. 


Solely basing our production in the UK in our early days was great but it wasn’t enough. We already knew from past experience that we couldn’t rely on factories to source materials responsibly. 

So we have taken control of every aspect of production from sourcing the most beautiful ethical fabric to ensuring our wooden products were helping forests to flourish. We moved our woven manufacturing to an unemployed Women’s social enterprise in East London and our paper printing to the UK’s original eco printing company.

The wonderful women that construct our woven products learn transferable skills to gain employment in the fashion and textile industry whilst the family run factory in Sweden that make our trays ensure that they cultivate forests responsibly.

"Sustainably sourced, 

ethically produced"


Fresh, clean geometric patterns are at the core of MAiK products. All of our exclusive prints are designed in-house. Each item is carefully conceived and developed in our studio before being sent to the printers and makers we work with. Our products, prints and colours are designed to simply ‘work’ with your home or lifestyle.

Designer and founder Cat Thorogood was born and raised in Scotland before moving to London in 2001 to study at Camberwell College of Arts.

  MAiK founder Cat Thorogood

MAiK founder Cat Thorogood



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