Add some pattern to your feet! Our cotton socks are exclusive to MAiK meaning you won’t find them anywhere else.

Each pair of our socks is knitted by a 3-generation family run factory in France. All of our yarn is dyed and ethically tested in France.

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Pastel Cube Socks - MAiK
Colour Block Socks - MAiK
Bright Cube Socks - MAiK
Pineapple Socks - MAiK
Pineapple Socks
Pink Dot Sock Socks - MAiK
Aqua Dot Socks - MAiK
Aqua Dot Socks
Diamond Socks - MAiK
Diamond Socks
Arrows Sock for men - MAiK
Arrow Socks
colourful cotton socks
Mountain Socks
mens cotton socks
Triangle Socks
geometric socks
colour yellow cotton socks
Yellow Abstract Socks
£8.00 £12.00
pink geometric socks
Pink Abstract Socks
£8.00 £12.00
pink colourful cotton socks
palm tree ankle socks
colourful palm tree socks
Palm Tree Socks
colourful cactus cotton socks
Cactus Socks
cactus print cotton socks
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